InVision Insurance is an independent insurance agency. Because we are independent agent we can take your current policy review it and make sure that there are not gaps in coverage and compare it with a large number of carriers that we have direct relationships with and find you the best coverage and cost available.

How important is Auto Insurance coverage?

When you glance through your policy, you may see certain coverages and wonder exactly what that means. Some of the most important coverages to look at are listed below.

Collision Coverage – Collision coverage is the part of your coverage that covers your car in the event you damage the car itself.

Comprehensive Coverage – Comprehensive coverage also protects your car, but in the event that something else damages your car, that is not a fixed, or moving object. An example of this would be a rock that cracks your windshield while you’re driving or a deer that you might hit while driving.

Property Damage – Suppose you damage another car in an auto accident, sign on the side of the road, home, or property that belongs to someone else. This is the part of your coverage that compensates the other person for that damage.

Bodily Injury Liability – This coverage protects your financial interest in the event you injure another party in an auto accident. This is the part of your coverage that pays the other party for their medical bills and related expenses.

Un-insured & Under-insured Liability – This coverage pays you, in the event that you are injured by another party, and that other party was either unidentified, or they weren’t carrying a high enough limit of Bodily Injury Liability to cover your expenses.

    Let us review your current policy and see if we can save you some money.

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